Ideanco CLIMATHON 2021

1 - 11 April 2021 (Live in 9 cities)
· June 20, 2020

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Powered by Ideanco Academy.

Ideanco Climathon 2021

  • Dates: 1 – 11 APR 2021
  • Format: Virtual
  • Student: Innovators of all ages (16 above)
  • Fee: $99.00
    • $49.99 Early Bird Discount ending on January 11 2021

The challenge fee covers the full challenge, and online case materials.

IDEANCO CLIMATHON 2021 covers the challenges in all 9 cities. Hybrid interaction (Live synchronous), on-demand (pre-recorded asynchronous), and discussion cohorts, starting at 9:00 AM EST. For more detailed information, visit our materials section and download the brochure.

Climathon powered by ideanco will be held on April 1 – 11, 2021, connecting innovators in 9 cities across North America and Asia to resolve three core challenges: Agriculture, Air Pollution, and Mobility. Ideanco Climathon 2021 selected cities are Dubai, Beirut, New York, Boston, Tampa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and San Diego.


Asynchronous: Ready e-learning​


Synchronous: Live e-learning​


Ideanco Climathon, an initiative by the idea innovator company – ideanco, is an iconic Climate Change pillar of the ideanco Lab under challenges. Ideanco Climathon is a global Climate Change challenge, which brings together the challenges of focus cities in particular countries across the globe with the local and global innovators who have the passion, expertise, and capability to crack such great challenges. The outcome is the impact of the real innovative solution that will be beneficial for the communities locally, regionally, and above all, globally.

The Ideanco’s live sessions powered by Zoom video conferencing. You will also have a chat system for interaction with coaches, mentors and innovators only inside the Climathon challenge sessions. Ideanco will be providing a calendar schedule for each coach/Mentor to schedule calls during the challenge based on their availability.

April 1 - 7, 2021


7 DAYS — A virtual bootcamp offering hands-on experience to validate idea, build business models, structures and build teams.

April 8 - 10, 2021


3 DAYS — 72-hour hybrid Climathon in 9 cities, dedicated only for early ideation on Climate solutions to each city level challenges.

April 11, 2021


1 DAY — Cohorts pitch innovative solution virtually to prominent judges. Winning Cohorts to accelerate ideas at Ideanco Launch.

Supported by:

EIT Climate-KIC is a knowledge and innovation community established and funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in 2010. Our purpose is to tackle climate change through innovation. EIT is Europe’s largest public-private partnership with this purpose – a growing pan-European community of diverse organisations united by a commitment to direct the power of creativity and human ingenuity at the climate change challenge. EIT Climate-KIC is supported by the EIT a body of the European Union  Learn more!

Supported by:

CLIMATHON, a global community of change-makers and innovators working together to help humanity achieve net-zero emissions. Climathon is a city-based programme that offers a clear pathway to action and interaction – an opportunity for cities and citizens to co-create local ideas to shared climate challenges. At the core of the programme is an ideathon powered by local organisers; the people who know their cities and climate challenges the best. Learn more!

Supported by:

Harvard Aerospace Alumni Organization (HAAO) will be inspiring students to engage in and become leaders in Climate Change. HAAO will be able to provide the CLIMATHON 2021 with Harvard educated mentors. In return, ideanco will be sharing sponsorship profit that will be streamed towards Harvard University scholarships and assisting students in pursuing critical challenges/projects integrated with aerospace/climate change development to create the jobs of the future.

Ideanco’s mentor partnership with HAAO is approved by the HAAO Board of Directors.

What will you learn

Building on the success of the first climate change challenge in the Middle East, Climathon Dubai 2019, CLIMATHON 2021 will give innovators the opportunity to learn how to transform challenges into business ideas by defining and recognizing the core of the challenge, create ideas and pitch solutions to elite entrepreneurs from the industry. Using the power of crowdsourcing, a legacy business model for Ideanco since 1999, the ideanco Lab team has worked extensively with innovators coming from all across the globe to find a solution with a global impact on the key challenges we are facing on our amazing planet Earth. 

Chosen cohorts of innovators to tackle the set challenges virtually for a full 72-hours in each city, before pitching their ideas in front of relevant and well-respected judges coming from the climate change sector. These ideas can develop into tangible sustainable solutions, projects and potential startups that address climate challenges in all cities across the globe.

Key Areas

Policy Makers
Air Pollution
Zero Carbon
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Ideanco CLIMATHON 2021

1 - 11 APRIL 2021

Key 9 Cities

Challenges per City

Air Pollution
San Diego
New York

Cohort Winners

Cohort Winners

Cohort Winners

Top Cohort Winner

Our Mentors

A transformative team

Cinar Kurra

CEO – Masdar Catalyst

Climate Change

Oliver Mochizuki

Partner – FundSurfer


Maher Ezzeddine

CEO – ideanco.


Dunia Dominique

Moderator - ideanco.


Dr. Deborah McLay

Airline Pilot – UPS


More Mentors

Coming Soon

Supported by

Power of the Crowd

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