Greenhouse Conservatoire

02 - 14 November 2020 (Live)
· May 25, 2020

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Greenhouse Conservatoire

  • Dates: 02 – 14 NOV 2020
  • Format: Virtual
  • Student: Innovators professionals, students and entrepreneurs
  • Fee: $1,895.00

The fee covers tuition, and online case materials. MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON

Hybrid classes (Live synchronous), on-demand (pre-recorded asynchronous), and discussion cohorts, 4 – 6 hours per day – 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST including two 30 minute breaks (November 1st till November 12th), followed by a 24 hours Climathon. For more detailed information, visit our materials section and download the brochure.

Through collaboration, communication and problem solving, Ideanco Greenhouse Academy is an innovative two weeks virtual bootcamp engaging 21st Century global youth and entrepreneurs to acquire new climate change skills. It offers a hands-on experience and knowledge to validate ideas, build business models, structures and build teams. Greenhouse Academy is the ultimate educational tool to build competent Climate Change workforce for entrepreneurs.

The Ideanco Greenhouse Academy will take place virtually starting November 1 and ending on November 12, 2020, followed by the Ideanco Climathon 2020, taking place on November 12 – 14, a 24 hours climate change hackathon like, in partnership with the EU CLimate-KIC.  Ideanco Climathon is dedicated only for early ideation on Climate solutions to some key global challenges related to Climate Change. The Ideanco Climathon will be connecting 8 selected cities across the North America and Asia, powered by the Challenge pillar of the ideanco Lab.


Asynchronous: Ready e-learning​


Synchronous: Live e-learning​


This virtual STEAM summer camp takes place over six days, with live, synchronous daily classes (Hybrid) and recorded classes (on-demand) starting on a Monday and ending at the end of the day on a Saturday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Each calendar day consists of a welcoming session and small group discussions for learning, networking, and working on the daily challenge on a particular subject such as climate change, aerospace, biomedical, and many more. The last day of the course consists of a live/recorded tour of a related industry.

The Ideanco’s live sessions powered by Zoom video conferencing. You will also have a chat system for interaction with faculty and students only inside the class sessions. Ideanco will be providing a calendar schedule for each instructor to schedule calls outside the class based on the instructor’s availability.

What will you learn

Ideanco Academy is a challenge-based learning method dedicated to early ideation concepts focusing on subjects such as climate change, aerospace, food security, and biometrics. Through a rich learning experience that includes our instructor live presentations, case studies, pre-recorded videos, and cohort live chat discussions, you and your fellow students will explore the essential challenge-based methodology. Creating a global impact through a robust solution by addressing the given daily challenges is our learning methodology. You will emerge better equipped to address the immediate issues presented by the COVID-19 crisis in all everyday problems, and it will provide you with skills that you will be able to use back at high school or college/university level.

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Greenhouse Conservatoire

01 - 14 NOVEMBER 2020

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